Finish Coating

​We finish our table with Krystal Lacquer Satin Finish.  It is the most durable lacquer finish on the market.  We use satin finish because we believe the table should look natural looking without the shine.  A shining gloss finish may show scratches far easier than the satin finish.  With that said, we offer any finish our customers would like.  Here is a link to Krystal Lacquer:


All of our slabs are kiln dried and set throughout the thickness of 3" to the proper moisture content (10%).  We do not air dry our slabs.  Air drying slabs can result in the moisture content being different in the center of the slab compared to the outside.  This is what causes cracking in the slabs after you have purchased a table.  Kiln dried slabs are the same moisture throughout the slab.  The size of these slabs are massive, while drying the wood has to give as the moisture is being taking from it.  Sometimes slabs will check in the kiln, we find this a better result as we can repair the crack and strengthen the check with a dovetail and epoxy is poured down throughout the check.  This is a far better result than the wood drying in your home after you have purchased the finished product and cracking on site because it was not dried properly in the first place.  We never install dovetails on the surface of the table, this takes away from the overall look of the table.  We dye the epoxy to look like the grain and install a dovetail for support on the bottom side (out of site).  This is by far the best method for building beautiful live edge tables.... We do it right!

Leg options

We ship anywhere!

We ship tables across North America on a regular basis.  The tables are crate on a pallet with the legs detached from the table.  A simple nut and bolt assembly is required when the table arrives to your home.  Be prepared with help to lift the table, a 3" thick slab of hardwood is heavy.  Please send us your location for accurate shipping prices.